Getting Ready to Organize 

Before we meet, here are a few tips to getting the organization process started as as a few things you can do on your own.

I can't wait to embark on this journey with you and your family!

Tip #1

Before I arrive, determine which areas are your focal points for me to organize. This will help me determine supplies to bring on first organizational day. 


Tip #2

If you are planning to reduce furniture,  mark which pieces you want to keep or pass to others and leave sale/donations unmarked. 


Tip #3

Does the refrigerator need attention?  Prepare a grocery list for me so fresh foods can be put back into the refrigerator in a organized,  date based manner after I clean out and sanitize. 


Tip #4

Organizing photos with you?  Have an area to sort and label the pictures. Don't worry, I'll bring tissues for those memories. 


Tip #5

Label your storage bins so that you always know where things are, such as, fall/winter clothes, blankets, Christmas decorations, etc. 


Tip #6

Canned Foods: Place the ones with later expiration dates the back and those soon to expire in the front so food doesn't go to waste.


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